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Having someone ‘from the outside’ to talk to about a specific situation, either personal of work related, can help turn a complex challenge into concrete steps to achieve the set goals.

With my analytical skills and out-of-the-box thinking I make sure that in a relatively short period you can take concrete actions so you can proceed and reach your goals. 



As a coach I work with you on your personal development. To me that means: stepping out of your comfortzone and take responsibility. You don’t achieve this by learning trics or getting some tips. My approach is practical and aimed at personal  and professional growth, increasing confidence and (re-)discovering, developing and fully using your possibilities and qualities, in work and/or private situations.

As a coach I do not tell you what you should or should not do, but I help you become more aware of your choices, by listening and asking the right questions at the right time. 



My training and workshops are focused on teambuilding, teamcoaching and communication and communciation patterns. Team efficiency and job satisfaction increase when all individual teammembers 'speak the same language' and understand underlying (often non-productive) communcation patterns. If your team lacks 'flow' or there are communication issues that need to be addressed in a safe and educational setting, ReACT can offer you the right tools and training. 


Customised and Costs

ReACT does not offer ready-to-use products but provides customised consults, coaching and training of high quality. The costs dependent on the program and the duration of the project. Please contact ReACT for further information. You can reach ReACT by phone, skype, email, facebook and LinkedIn. You can find more contactdetails on the contact-page

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